Published on September 01, 2016

Picnic with The Red Cross & Tetra

Similar to their usage at Longitude at the begining of the Summer The Irish Red Cross will oversee medical cover at Electric Picnic this weekend.

Tetra is to be their sole choice of communications for the event with SOME 50,000 PEOPLE making their way to Stradbally in Co Laois for the 13th year of the festival.
Up to 160 Red Cross volunteers will work over the 3 day event, with representation from all of the 26 Red Cross Areas around the Country.
There will be maned first aid posts in the Main Arena, Late Night Arena, Body&Soul, Family Camping, Jimi Hendrix Campsite, Oscar Wilde Campsite and Janis Joplin Campsite.

For further information regarding public safety at the event click here.