Published on March 30, 2017

Back 2 Basics: Defining Interoperation on the NDRS

Interoperation is the use of interoperable systems, units, or forces and is critical for many of our customers. The NDRS serves multiple organisations, including security, defence, emergency, local government vital infrastructure and voluntary services, to collaborate and co-ordinate their planning and response to diverse events and emergencies.

NDRS users can either switch to a designated, shared multi agency channel or can call individual radios in their network, enabling a coherent and co-ordinated operational response.


Benefits of Interoperability

Improved Safety

Timely sharing of critical information about hazards and other dangers, and understanding each organisation’s responsibilities and capabilities reduces the risk of harm to the public and responding personnel.

Increased operational resilience

The adoption of interoperable arrangements improves the emergency services’ ability to be resilient in situations beyond normal business.

Increased confidence amongst emergency service personnel

Improved situational awareness enhances coordination across the emergency services and partner agencies and reduces the risk of harm to the public and responding personnel because they have access to consistent and accurate information.

Improved effectiveness of command and control

Establishing communication between commanders from the emergency services promotes coordination and collaboration. 

Planning and preparation

Joint training and interoperable communications provide emergency services’ personnel with an improved understanding of the culture and capabilities of their counterparts in the other emergency services.

Information sharing

The adoption of interoperable communications provides a means to share mission-critical and decision-critical information between the emergency services. 


Customers on the NDRS utilising shared Inter-Op talkgroups?

An Garda Síochána

Irish Coast Guard

National Parks and Wildlife Services 

Mountain Rescue

National Ambulance Service